Hammock Chair - 451 Gray/Pink


The hammock chair is a proud, luxurious, and relaxing product, in demand in today’s market in Latvia and around the world. A hammock chair is a wonderful gift!
It is possible to make it in the color shades you want (call 29109319, the fabric offer can be viewed in the AIX workshop, Rozentāla iela 15, Druva, Saldus pagasts).

More info www.aix.lv
The set includes:
* hammock chair
* two large pillows
* decorative small pad
* natural tree branch 1,1m
* cord
* hook
* bag
* instructions

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  • MODERN AND EXCLUSIVE – The modern hammock chair made of textile materials is an exclusive innovation in the field of leisure design. The hammock chair is a truly luxurious outdoor furniture that resembles a hammock but is far superior to it.
  • BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH – You can have a relaxing feeling in your lounge, in the backyard garden, on the terrace, or simply outdoors by the sea or lake. If it seems that camping is not the time now, relax in your house, relaxing with your family, and enjoying an airy feeling of peace in your rocking chair.
  • NATURAL AND DURABLE MATERIAL – The set includes a natural wooden branch, on which a hammock chair is attached, capacity 100-110 kg. Hammock chair made of furniture fabrics of one or more colors, with two large pillows and a small decorative pillow, strong cords.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN AND INSTALL – The hammock chair is easy to hang and quick to remove. It can be increased according to the needs and wishes of each client. The pillows have an adhesive tape closure, which significantly facilitates their care process, sintepon is used to fill the pillows (can be filled with wool or a fresh, fragrant wall). It is possible to make it in the color shades you want.
  • WONDERFUL GIFT – Friends and relatives will be happy to receive this gift. They also work hard and feel relieved to relax after work.
  • HISTORIC – This is a hammock chair that dates back to recent years, about 35 years, in South America – Its materials and shapes are constantly being supplemented by new inventions by creative people, making them reluctant to hang a simple fishing net between two trees known for centuries in the world.
  • REST ALONE – hammock chair indoors or outdoors, you are free to enjoy your time, forgetting about everyone around you, all your worries and events.

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Weight 12 kg


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